IoT, Big Data, the Cloud, broadband, voice technology, software, hardware, semiconductors, networking, standards, and industry associations. 

Mainspire is the perfect global partner when it comes to B2B communications and marketing. We know the international tech landscape and its businesses. Inside and out. What would take another firm or freelancer 100 hours takes us a fraction of that. We actually save you money because we aren’t backtracking and reworking – we already know your industry and focus on your objectives to move things forward quickly. We are as selective about our clients as you are about your vendors. This is to make sure that we remain true to our core competencies and give our clients the best representation and subject matter experts in their industries. Plus, we’ve been in the marketing management space for so many years we know what things should cost – so as you approach vendor negotiation with other third parties, we can offer strategic counsel to maximize your budget and make your marketing resources go a lot further in the long run. While we are headquartered on the East Coast in the US, we have more than 20 years of international experience and alliances all over the world ready to support your efforts by region. Welcome to Mainspire.

Some of Our Clients

Fortune 500 to start-ups, technology, consumer, B2B...and everything in between. Mainspire has seen it all and can offer you strategic VP of Marketing-level consultation at less than the cost of an entry-level on-staff marketing specialist a month. Find out how today.


Our Services

Full service marketing - from social media to digital marketing to SEO, ads, events, marketing automation and PR. We want to help maximize your company's performance. Schedule a consultation appointment with one of our marketing experts so we can determine what your company needs.

About Us

Every business needs someone to drive the company's strategic marketing - aligning sales and customers to increase profits, effectively communicate with customers and improve brand visibility. Whether you sell products or services, Mainspire will work to develop a custom marketing program just for you.

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